8:  West Street

Turn into West Street with its varied skyline and frontages.  The plaque is on the second entrance to the Swan Walk shopping centre, which stands on the site of the former Swan coaching inn,

Nearly opposite this entrance is West Way, a short walkway between shops to Blackhorse Way and the new Forum (2004) with its fountains and sun dial.

At the end of West Street you return to the Carfax, the centuries-old centre of the town with its largely pedestrianised cobbled streets, gas lamps, War Memorial, bandstand and a wide variety of shops, pubs and restaurants.  From the 13th century, fairs and markets were held in this area.  Over the years it has also contained the County Gaol, bull ring, stock and was the first location of the Jubilee Fountain.

On the eastern side of the Carfax are examples of more timber-framed buildings (Nos 26/27 and 33/34) dating from the 15th to 17th centuries with roofs of local stone.