7:  St Mary's Church

At the southern end of the Causeway stands St Mary's Parish Church, most of which was completed in 1247.  It is on the site of an older Norman building and lies close to the medieval highway to the south (Denne Road).  On the north east corner is the 15th century Lollard's Tower.  The Church is now a Grade 1 listed building.

Continuing south through the churchyard, you arrive in the peace of the Remembrance Garden, restored through the efforts of the Society.  Over the River Arun lies Barrackfield, the site of the barracks built in 1796 for the Napoleonic Wars and now the town cricket field.

Turn right before the river bridge and walk along the path which passes to the rear of Sainsbury's supermarket.  This will take you to the Town Mill, a 19th century building near the site of medieval mills.  This stretch of footpath is part of the Riverside Walk, which circumnavigates most of Horsham.

Continue along the riverside walk to Worthing Road and turn back towards the town centre.  On the west side of Worthing Road is the Quakers' meeting House (1786) built on the site of an earlier building.  Further along Worthing Road is the Unitarian Church, built as a General Baptist Church in 1721 with a baptistry added in 1771.  It adjoins part of a medieval hall house, 18th century cottages and a peaceful memorial garden.

Walk into the newly-created Bishopric pedestrianised area.  At the end of West Street stands a striking but controversial water sculpture 'Rising Universe'.  This was constructed in 1996 to mark the town's connection with the poet and radical Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was born at Field Place in Broadbridge Heath.