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 Planning: strategic issues

October 2012 

Horsham District Planning Framework
Strategic Sites for Housing

The next stage in the process of updating the local development plan will be the publication of the Council’s preferred options for strategic sites. These are likely to include the area to the north of the A264.

The Society has consistently opposed any new development beyond our northern boundary because we believe that Horsham cannot grow larger in size whilst retaining a sense of identity, and the physical barrier created by the A264 would leave an orphan community which looked primarily to Crawley for shopping and services. This would have long term implications for the strategic gap.

There has been a lot of talk of a new public/private hospital as part of a development here. Although still very sketchy, and far from certain, if it were a real possibility it would be interesting to see whether views change.

Meanwhile, its worth reminding ourselves of the description of the area included in Roy Worskett’s Town Landscape Assessment published in the January 2011 edition of the Newsletter:

“A flat area of trees and fields that form the foreground to Hurst Hill, the high land to the north on which sits Rusper village. To the east the railway and Crawley Road give views of a well treed and rolling landscape.”

John Steele