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 Planning: strategic issues

June 2007 

12 June 2007

Mr Chris Dier
Director of Community Development and Leisure
Horsham District Council
Park North
North Street
RH12 1RL

Dear Mr Dier

Consultation on the Council’s Play Strategy and Action Plan

I am writing to you rather than completing the online questionnaire because the latter is rather simplistic and not really suitable for an amenity society that only wishes to make one or two points.

In principle we support the ideas behind the strategy but there are two key issues that are not in our view adequately addressed in the present draft.

Objectives 1 and 4 seem to imply that all space in all parks and public areas should be as conducive to play as possible. Whilst we accept that facilities for play extend beyond those areas which might be set aside as formal play areas, the strategy fails to recognise that there is a need for children to share space with adults, particularly those who are seeking a quiet relaxing environment. We have in mind in particular Horsham Park where we would oppose any significant development including landscape features outside currently designated play areas, but similar issues might well arise in relation to Barrack Field which is a very sensitive site.

The most important omission is a commitment to safeguard existing play and other open spaces. It is essential that this is included to ensure that there is never another case such as the recently rejected proposal for Ramsey Close.

Yours sincerely

John Steele

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