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 Planning: letters of representation

April 2007 

12 April 2007

Head of Development Control
for the attention of Val Cheeseman
Horsham District Council
Park House, North Street
Horsham RH12 1RL

Dear Ms Cheeseman


I write on behalf of the Horsham Society to enter an objection to this application.

The Society notes that considerable thought has been given to this proposal for the development of a restricted site. No doubt it makes effective use of it and would result in an attractive private development.

However, the Society also notes that a public footpath runs the full length of the site and considers that the local character will not be improved (as the applicants claim it will) by another built-up area introducing traffic and street lighting - the illustrations describe one view as a street scene - and a privately owned one. The character will inevitably be radically changed.

We are also concerned by any increased use of the vehicular access at the south end as although this would serve only two of the ten houses Hammerpond Road is well-known as particularly hazardous. Finally, the Society is not clear what significance should be given to the inclusion of three-storey houses shown on the drawings. As we understand it this is an outline application - the answer given to Item 2 (b) is ‘yes’- but the items (a) to (e) following are not answered although the list of drawings includes all those sent. Perhaps you could clarify the position ?

Yours sincerely

Oliver Palmer
Vice-President, The Horsham Society