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 Planning: letters of representation

March 2015

Application Comments on DC/15/0124

Application Summary


Prewetts Mill Worthing Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1ST


Demolition of existing building and erection of extra care assisted living accommodation including communal facilities and car parking (58 self-contained units)

Case Officer:

Helen Lowe

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Comments Details

Commenter Type:

Member of the Public


Customer objects to the Planning Application

Reasons for comment:

- Design

- Loss of General Amenity

- Overdevelopment


I am writing on behalf of the Horsham Society to object to the application on the grounds of over-development, design and loss of general amenity. It would have a detrimental visual impact and is not in keeping with the location. This is a key site at the entrance to the town centre which requires a high quality design worthy of the position. As proposed the development is too bulky and over-bearing and in our view lacks style. Consideration should be given to introducing some break in the massing and a redesign of the currently characterless roofline. External finishings leave much to be desired and whilst the materials proposed will undoubtedly look crisp when new, after a year or so they will rapidly become jaded - in particular the white insulated render. We are also concerned that there is no commitment to reflect the past use and history and name of the site, Prewetts Mill, in the new building. John Steele Secretary, Planning Sub Committee