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 Planning: letters of representation

August 2014 

Application Comments on DC/14/0667


Application Summary


Horsham Railway Station


Retrospective replacement of 60s/70s style wooden handrails to DDA compliant handrails and retention of stair tread coverings

Case Officer:

Pauline Ollive

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Comments Details

Commenter Type:

Member of the Public


Customer objects to the Planning Application

Reasons for comment:

- Design

- Other


I am writing on behalf of the Horsham Society to object strongly to this retrospective application. Southern Railway know full well that this is a listed building, not least because they had to obtain prior consent for the recent substantial building works. Had this application been made before the work was undertaken we would have objected strongly as the new staircase rails are completely out of keeping with the style of the building and unnecessary in health and safety and DDA terms. The garish colour and overpowering size is inappropriate and DDA compliant handrails have been fitted at other stations which are far less intrusive. We ask that Southern Railway be required to submit alternative plans in keeping with the building's listed status or otherwise return the rails to their original condition. John Steele Secretary, Planning Sub Committee


Further to our earlier objection please note that we do not believe the handrails that have been removed were 60s/70s style but most probably the original handrails. John Steele Horsham Society