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 Planning: letters of representation

January 2014 

Application Comments on DC/13/2393

Application Summary


Land South of Woodlands Chase, Sedgwick Lane


Erection of 4 dwellings (Outline)

Case Officer:

Val Cheesman

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Comments Details

Commenter Type:

Member of the Public


Customer objects to the Planning Application

Reasons for comment:

- Design

- Other


I am writing on behalf of the Horsham Society to object strongly to this application. The site is well outside the built-up boundary of Horsham town and does not meet any of the exceptions to Policy DC1. The application does not meet the requirements of the FAD SPD: it is not adjacent to the BUB, does not complement the character of Horsham as defined in the Horsham Town Design Statement, and there is no evidence that it is deliverable (particularly given the intention for the homes to be self-build). The application is purely speculative and would not make a meaningful impact on any perceived shortfall in housing land supply, certainly not to an extent that would justify overturning Policy DC1. For this reason the applicant’s reliance on the appeal decision in the case of Land East of Daux Avenue, Billingshurst is misplaced. The application should be refused.
John Steele Secretary, Planning Sub Committee