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 Planning: letters of representation

July 2010 

28 July 2010

Head of Development Control
for the attention of Karen Tipper
Horsham District Council
Park House, North
Horsham RH12 1RL

Dear Ms Tipper

DC/10/1339   46/48 EAST STREET, HORSHAM

I write on behalf of the Horsham Society to object to the proposal for this site.

The Society notes that the proposal is to demolish the existing two-storey offices and build a part 3- and part 4-storey mixed use development with shops on the ground floor and 9 flats on the three floors over. The Society also notes that only two parking spaces would be provided.

The Society accepts that the character of East Street is changing (and will continue to change) and welcomes this example of the return of residential accommodation above shops which has, until recently, been characteristic of Horsham. However it considers that the replacement of the present building, although of only modest character, by an over-designed and ungainly pastiche is a clumsy attempt, on a very prominent site, to recreate some supposedly traditional character which will neither enhance nor maintain the character of the area.

The Society also considers that, given that on-street parking is not available, the provision of only two off-street parking spaces is not acceptable unless the occupants will be subject to a condition that car ownership will only be allowed if some alternative provision is made.

Yours sincerely

Oliver Palmer
Vice-President, The Horsham Society
Chairman, Planning Sub-Committee