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 Planning: letters of representation

April 2010 

22 April 2010

Head of Development Control
for the attention of David Taylor
Horsham District Council
Park House, North Street
Horsham RH12 1RL

Dear Mr Taylor


I write on behalf of the Horsham Society to object to the above

Short of opening the building up for inspection I am willing to assume that we have is a 'blind' arcade and that the proposal is to remove parts of the original structure. I took the proposal to the meeting of my Planning Sub-Committee last night and we agreed nem con that glazing both openings but then obstructing the right hand one by display shelving would give a boss-eyed look to a prominent elevation and remind one of the Waitrose windows facing the Carfax.

The Sub-Committee took the view that the proposal would not enhance the building (that it would actually adversely affect it) and that the proposed alterations would not show the respect due to this prominent Listed Building in the centre of the town.

I shall therefore the entering the Society's formal objection to the application. At the same time, as this application does not include any large scale details of the proposed work, I am asking the Council to ensure that those responsible for any work to this building will have the relevant experience.

Yours sincerely

Oliver Palmer
Vice-President, The Horsham Society
Chairman, Planning Sub-Committee