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 Planning: letters of representation

December 2009 

3 December 2009

Head of Development Control
for the attention of Karen Tipper
Horsham District Council
Park House, North Street
Horsham RH12 1RL

Dear Ms Tipper


I write on behalf of the Horsham Society to object to the above. The Society notes that the proposal is to extend the premises and increase the number of flats from three to five. It also notes that the highway authority would require additional off-street parking spaces.

In the past developments were required to provide a specified number of off-street parking places. Presumably the intention was to reduce highway obstruction. Today they are still required but not exceeding a specified maximum number. We understand that the intention is to reduce care ownership.

The Society takes the view that that a policy of limiting the number of spaces cannot be expected to achieve a significant reduction in the level of car ownership - indeed it is unlikely to achieve even a reduction in car usage unless there is an efficient public service. People frequently own car from necessity and we expect the policy only to result in even more cars being parked out on the road.

The Society therefore also takes the view that where (as in this case) the site in is an area which is already known to have a traffic and parking problem applications to increase the number of units should be refused as they would increase the amount of traffic and the highway authority would require an increase in the number of spaces thus encouraging further car ownership.

Yours sincerely

Oliver Palmer
Vice-President, The Horsham Society
Chairman, Planning Sub-Committee