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 Planning: letters of representation

January 2009 

23 January 2009

Head of Development Control
for the attention of Hilary Conlon
Horsham District Council
Park House, North Street
Horsham RH12 1RL

Dear Ms Ollive


Thank you for your letter of 16 January notifying amended plans. I write on behalf of the Horsham Society to say that the objections to the proposal stands as they are not affected by the amendment.

The Society attaches importance to retaining off-street parking spaces where, as in this case, the scope for on-street parking is severely restricted. It also attaches importance to retaining open spaces in residential areas and, in order to avoid side extensions leading to the appearance of a built-up frontage, to retaining the spaces between buildings - in this case the space between a terrace and a pair of semi-detached houses.

At one time it was thought that leaving a gap of a metre or so between the building and its boundary would provide sufficient separation.. Later, as extensions became increasingly common, it was thought that it would help if the extension were set back.

Today, with extensions the rule rather than the exception, we are concerned that this only avoids the space from appearing to be blocked when seen directly from the front and so the shortly-to-be-adopted Horsham Design Statement with the status of a Supplementary Planning Document p30 reads as follows “Side extensions should avoid giving the appearance of a built-up frontage”. That is to say it is drafted in terms of what should be left, not what may be built.

Yours sincerely

Oliver Palmer
Vice-President, The Horsham Society
Chairman, Planning Sub-Committee