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Perhaps the most important aspect of the Society's work is the active part it plays in the town planning process.  We worked with the Neighbourhood Councils and North Horsham Parish Council to produce a Design Statement for Horsham.  We have also spoken out (with great success) against certain proposals for the Local Development Framework, and developments such as Ramsey Close green and Muggeridge Field.  In these pages we'll be keeping you up to date with our activities.

HDC's policy documents frequently contain references to the necessity of a high standard of design, probably in response to government exhortations to promote good design, but they have not always had much effect.

Over the years we have pressed the Council to set up a design panel of outside experts to provide advice on significant schemes but it has never agreed. Design panels are common elsewhere and HDC’s intransigence can only be interpreted as disinterest in the quality of design of new buildings. The result is too many poor and banal schemes which are not only disappointing in their own right but also set future developers a very low standard to meet.

Letters of Representation to HDC Planning Department

Aug 2017 DC/17/1689 Horsham Park
Aug 2017 DC/17/1607 18B-20 Comptons Lane
Aug 2017 DC/17/1530 27 East Street
Jul 2017 DC/17/1522 Piries Place
Jul 2017 DC/17/1482 79 Comptons Lane
Jun 2017 DC/17/1201 Land East of A24 Worthing Road
Jun 2017 DC/17/1181 182 New Street
Jun 2017 DC/17/0955 Tanfield Court, Guildford Road (2 pages)
Jun 2017 DC/17/0786 Trinity Hall, Rushams Road
Jun 2017 WSCC/062/16/NH Proposed incenerator, Langhurst Wood Road
May 2017 DC/17/1004 105 Comptons Lane
May 2017 DC/17/0896 41 Brighton Road
May 2017 DC/17/0880 Land at Rear of 80 and 82 Rusper Road
May 2017 DC/17/0871 Piries Place
May 2017 DC/17/0786 Trinity Hall, Rushams Road
May 2017 DC/17/06840 St Marks Court, Chart Way
May 2017 DC/17/0680 25 Highlands Road
May 2017 DC/17/0626 Sainsburys
May 2017 DC/17/0586 Pavilions in the Park car park 
May 2017 DC/17/0564 44 Spencers Road
Apr 2017 DC/16/1677 Land north of Horsham
Apr 2017 DC/16/2506 Piries Place (3 pages)
Apr 2017 DC/17/0586 Pavilions in the Park car park 
Mar 2017 DC/16/2937 Winterton Court (2 pages)
Mar 2017 DC/17/0291 Land South of Larchwood, Kerves Lane
Mar 2017 DC/16/2936 Land at Pelham & Waverley Courts, Bishopric
Mar 2017 DC/16/2733 4 Carfax
Mar 2017 DC/17/0262 30 Comptons Lane
Mar 2017 DC/17/0188 Land To The Rear of 28 and 30 Comptons Lane
Feb 2017 DC/16/2958 Land east of Worthing Road
Feb 2017 DC/16/2855 Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane
Jan 2017 DC/16/2506 Piries Place
Jan 2017 DC/16/2675 25 Highlands Road
Jan 2017 DC/16/2856 Proposed football ground
Jan 2017 WSCC/062/16/NH Proposed incenerator, Langhurst Wood Road
Jan 2017 DC/16/2923 Prewetts Mill
Dec 2016 DC/16/2797 89 North Parade
Dec 2016 DC/16/2672 2 Mill Cottages, Warnham Road
Dec 2016 DC/16/2671 1 Mill Cottages, Warnham Road
Dec 2016 DC/16/2670 Land West of Pipers Hollow, Forest Road
Dec 2016 DC/16/2605 18 Oliver Road
Dec 2016 DC/16/2514 18B - 20 Comptons Lane
Dec 2016 DC/16/2506 Piries Place
Nov 2016 DC/16/1371c Swan Walk
Nov 2016 DC/16/2483 29 West Street
Nov 2016 DC/16/2403 26 Park Terrace West
Nov 2016 DC/16/2395 Leighton, Burford Road
Nov 2016 DC/16/1997 Land at Rear of 80 and 82 Rusper Road
Nov 2016 DC/16/2337 124 Brighton Road
Oct 2016 DC/16/2004 9 Lanyon Close
Oct 2016 DC/16/1962 The Old House, London Road
Sep 2016 DC/16/1900 Prewetts Mill
Sep 2016 DC/16/1371 Swan Walk
Sep 2016 DC/16/1320 Winterton Court
Aug 2016 DC/16/1835 31 Depot Road
Aug 2016 DC/16/1814 Unit 1 The Forum
Aug 2016 DC/16/1770 1 Watercress Place
Aug 2016 DC/16/1677 Liberty scheme for North Horsham
Jul 2016 DC/16/1371 Swan Walk
Jul 2016 DC/16/1320 Winterton Court
Jun 2016 DC/16/1058 The Old House, 24 London Road
Jun 2016 DC/16/1046 4 Brighton Road
Jun 2016 DC/16/1016 Park North & North Point, North Street
Jun 2016 DC/16/1008 10 Highdown Way
Jun 2016 DC/16/0946 19b Carfax
Jun 2016 DC/16/0945 19 Carfax
Jun 2016 DC/16/0517 23 Burford Road
May 2016 DC/16/0827 Land To The Rear of 76-78 Rusper Road
May 2016 DC/16/0803 2 Plough Lane
May 2016 DC/16/0681 15 The Crescent
May 2016 DC/16/0559 53 Guildford Road
Apr 2016 DC/16/0479 34 Dickins Way
Apr 2016 DC/16/0456 Courtney Green, 25 Carfax
Apr 2016 DC/15/1627 appeal 46 Comptons Lane

Archived planning letters»

Strategic planning
Dec 2014

Horsham District Planning Framework  updated October 2015

Oct 2013

Response to consultation HDC preferred strategy

Jan 2013

Response to consultation on planning guidance

Aug 2012

Response to consultation on improving listed building consent

May 2012 Draft Broadbridge Heath Quadrant Planning Brief consultation
May 2012 Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre consultation
May 2012 Draft Horsham Town Plan SPD consultation
Jan 2012 Horsham District Planning Framework
Oct 2011 Registration of new town or village greens
Mar 2011 Managing development in Horsham district
Aug 2007 West of Horsham Masterplan update
Jun 2007 Play strategy & action plan - letter to HDC
Jul 2007 Cootes Green town green registration
Jun 2007 Hadmans Close planning application
Mar 2007 Preservation of Horsham's Town Greens
Jan 2007 A design statement for Horsham
Jun 2006 Planning: Conserving our Heritage