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February 2006 

West Horsham development

HDC has now published an Alternative Sites and Boundary Changes Document which identifies the alternative development sites and built-up area boundary changes that were suggested to the Council during the recent consultation.

There are over 100 sites in the District as a whole. Many of the sites have already been considered by the Council in preparing the LDF but some are wholly new proposals. As far as Horsham itself is concerned there are a few which, if approved, would involve significant additions to the built-up area. The Horsham Society Committee will be considering the proposals in detail and formulating a response over the next few weeks.

It is important to understand that these are not the Council's proposals but suggestions put forward by landowners, developers and others. There is a six week period, ending on 14 March, in which comments can be made. These will not be considered by the Council, but by the Inspector at the examination into the Local Development Framework this Autumn.

The new document is available on the Horsham District Council website www.horsham.gov.uk and comments can be made online.

John Steele

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