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 July 2006 

The Town Hall

Update 1 July 2006

Following the news that the Council is once again considering leasing the building to a commercial tenant,  the Society's Chairman, John Steele, spoke at the Council's Cabinet on 29 June.

The meeting ended with a compromise resolution: the Council agreed in principle to examine further the granting of a commercial lease whilst at the same time considering the folk and community arts centre proposal

The matter will go to the full council meeting for final decision, possibly in September. The Horsham Society will continue to lobby members.


Here are the main points of John Steele's speech:

  • The Town Hall has long played an important part in the life of the town, and many people consider it to be the Town’s equivalent to a village hall.

  • In recent years its use has diminished, possibly due in some part to unimaginative management and marketing.

  • The Horsham Society strongly believes that it should regain its place as a focal point for the community with public access.  The Society completely opposes a commercial lease.

  • The Society is concerned about the future of the Registrar’s office, and in particular the Marriage Room: a splendid setting, held in great affection by countless Horsham residents.

  • The Council should resolve once and for all that the Town Hall will remain a community facility and get on with the job of deciding how best that can be delivered.