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An issue that members regularly raise is the way in which indiscriminate signage both official and unofficial often creates a visual nightmare, spoiling our otherwise attractive town centre.

There are far too many official signs, with new ones seeming to appear without warning, and often with apparently little purpose. The problem is aggravated by a tendency to put each on its own pole, creating an obstacle course for pedestrians and a confusing jumble for motorists. Almost as bad is the attachment of additional permanent signage to existing poles without any attempt to rationalise the information, perhaps using a single well designed sign.

Unofficial signs perhaps advertising one off events - can be a nuisance but are seldom left up for long. A much greater problem is the excessive use of A-Boards put out by traders, often a long way from their own premises,

The Horsham Society has been pressing for action to curb this menace for years so West Sussex and Horsham councils are to be congratulated for finally introducing a licensing scheme for a six month trial. This allows authorised businesses to display a single A board adjacent to and within one metre of their premises. The impact and improvement can already be seen, particularly in Middle Street and West Street.