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November 2006

Concern over Horsham Park

Letter from the Society's chairman to West Sussex County Times:

20 November 2006

The Editor
West Sussex County Times
14–16 Market Square
RH12 1HD

Dear Sir

The Horsham Society has long campaigned to protect Horsham Park, maintain the parkland setting and prevent further encroachment and unnecessary suburbanisation. Now the Council’s own user survey has resoundingly confirmed that this is what the public want too.

86% of those surveyed said they are satisfied with the Park, and 33% were very satisfied.

87% said the current balance between tranquillity and activity is right, and the others were equally divided between those who wanted more activity and those who wanted less.

As is to be expected there were many individual suggestions for improvement or change, but the only ones that gained more than a handful of votes were improvements to lighting, toilets, cleanliness, and control of cycling and drinking.

These are satisfaction levels that politicians normally only dream about, so HDC please take notice and keep our park the way it is.

Yours faithfully

John Steele