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November 2011 

Muggeridge Field

Muggeridge Field, just south of Athelstan Way, is the property of West Sussex County Council, but is managed by HDC and is effectively part of Chesworth Farm.


It was bought by WSCC in 1973 for a school which was never built. In February 2011 WSCC applied for permission to develop the field with 70 new homes despite the fact that an appeal for a similar proposal was rejected some years ago.


We opposed the planning application, which can be read here, and you should also read chairman David Moore's WSCT article which explains the background and the implications of threatened development; and John Steele’s WSCT article here.


Because HDC failed to determine the application within the statutory time limit WSCC went to appeal.  The public hearing took place between October and December at Roffey Millennium Hall.


In January 2012 the appeal was refused, thus saving the Field for now.


But while the planning process was under way, WSCC gave notice that it intended to redesignate the land from education to planning which is a legal ruse designed to extinguish any outstanding covenants and prevent local people from trying to register the field as a town green.


The Society’s objection to the redesignation of the land can be read here.


Now that the County Council has lost its bid to build on Muggeridge Field we will continue to campaign to ensure it is safeguarded for the future.  The Society has written to WSCC suggesting that it should be nominated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee.  Our letter is here.

Latest:  Louise Goldsmith, Leader of WSCC has refused to nominate Muggeridge Field as a QEII Field and it is clear that she intends to try again to impose housing against the wishes of local people. Her reply is here.

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