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July 2010

Horsham Town Local List
(Updated March 2011)

On 13 May 2010 Horsham District Council's Cabinet agreed to undertake a pilot study into locally important historic buildings and to consult the public on the principles of selection for inclusion on a list of such buildings, as well as properties to be included on the list.
What is a "local list"?
A "local list" is a list of buildings which are important to the historic local context, but not nationally important enough to be included on the statutory "List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest" ("listed buildings") complied by the Government. The "local list" in this document is made up of buildings with historic and architectural character which contribute positively to the historic character of Horsham town. The designation does not affect the buildings' "permitted development" - i.e. no new permissions will need to be applied for as a result of a "local list" designation.
What are the proposed criteria for inclusion on the Horsham town "local list"?

Buildings are only eligible for "local list" status if they do not have a national designation, such as being a statutory listed building, scheduled ancient monument, or within a conservation area. The buildings on the list have also been assessed as having one or more of the following criteria:

  • Local architectural and/or historic interest

  • Close historical associations with national or locally important historic figures

  • Group value and/or contribute significant interest in the street scene

  • Of pre-world war II construction - however those built after this date may qualify in exceptional circumstances.

The geographical area represented in this list is Horsham town. For the purpose of this document, this is the area within the boundaries of Denne, Trafalgar and Forest neighbourhoods, and the urban area of North Horsham parish, to the south of the A264.


This is a pilot study; the first list will not be exhaustive and there will be other buildings in the town that meet the criteria.  If the pilot is generally received well, there will be an opportunity to add to the list in future.
Public consultation
Public consultation closed at the end of July but you can download the consultation document by clicking here.


The final Horsham Town Local List was adopted in February 2011 and can be accessed here