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June 2007 

Local Development Framework

Considerable progress has been made in preparing the new Horsham District Local Development Framework which will replace the current 1997 Adopted Local Plan.

The Local Development Framework consists of the following parts:

  • The Local Development Scheme (LDS): the programme and timetable for preparing the LDF.
  • The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI): a document which sets out how the Council will involve the community during the production of the LDF.
  • Local Development Documents (LDDs):  the key documents which have development plan status and are therefore the starting point for making decisions on planning applications. They include the Core Strategy, Site Specific Allocations of Land, Area Action Plans, Proposals Maps, and General Development Control Policies. 

In addition, the Council may prepare non statutory Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which provide detailed guidance to supplement the policies in a LDDs.  SPDs are produced in consultation with stakeholders but are not subject to public examination.  HDC says they are “a material consideration in the determination of planning applications and carry more weight in the planning application decision making process than the former Supplementary planning guidance”.

So far the only one published in draft covers Planning Obligations (broadly what are now known as Sec 106 Agreements).  The Masterplan for West of Horsham will be a Supplementary Planning Document.  So, too, will Parish and Town Design Statements.  The Society has joined a joint steering committee with the Neighbourhood Councils and North Horsham Parish Council to develop a Horsham Town Design Statement.

The preparation and consultation process is complex and lengthy.  The Core Strategy was adopted by the Council in February 2007 after a public examination in September 2006.  The Council has also submitted for approval its proposal on site specific allocations of land for development and its proposed General Development Control Policies.  The Horsham Society has commented on the proposals at each stage and was represented at the public examination  A further public examination, this time of the site specific allocations of land for development, started on 12 June 2007.

HDC began work earlier in 2006 on developing a Masterplan for the proposed West of Horsham development which would include 2,000 new homes.  The Horsham Society has been represented at workshops etc and will retain a close interest.

Work is also being undertaken jointly by HDC and Crawley Borough Council on the preparation of a West and North West Crawley Joint Area Action Plan covering the area identified for up to 2,500 new homes.  The Society has commented on the first issues and options consultation document.  Our main concern as this work progresses is to ensure that the Strategic Gap is maintained, that there will be a clearly defined new boundary to Crawley, and that any developments in the Action Plan Area do not lead to subsequent pressures on the Strategic Gap. 

 More detail, and copies of all the LDF documents, can be found on the HDC website at 

Details about the West and North West of Crawley Joint Area Action Plan can be found at:


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John Steele