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February 2008 

The King's Head
Chairman's letter to Horsham District Council 25 February 2008

Taking the initiative on this sensitive issue, Society chairman John Steele has written to Horsham District Council urging it to acquire the Kings Head through compulsory purchase!

25 February 2008

Mr Tom Crowley
Chief Executive
Horsham District Council
Park North
North Street
Horsham, RH12 1RL

Dear Mr Crowley


I am writing on behalf of the Horsham Society to urge the Council to use its powers of compulsory purchase to acquire the Kings Head.

It is over four years since the hotel closed and it has remained boarded up since then. It is an important Listed Building and occupies a critical location in our historic town centre. Its continued closure acts as a blight on the area, both visually and economically.

It is essential that an appropriate use is found for the building without further delay so that once again it can play its part in the social and economic life of the town. It is clear that the present owners have failed in this and we believe that the Council should now exercise its powers to acquire the building on the grounds that there is a clear need to deliver social and economic change.

We think that once in the Council’s ownership, and with proper marketing, a suitable use which retains public access could quickly be found. Once this has been done the property could be re-sold.

I am copying this letter to Mrs Kitchen, Leader of the Council, and the Editor of the West Sussex County Times. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

John Steele