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The Society is very determined that future developments should be in keeping with the essential character of the Town. Use of materials, height of buildings, densities, infilling and proper provision of appropriate off-street car-parking are just some of the concerns felt by the Society.

The Society was pleased to cooperate a joint venture with the three Neighbourhood Councils and North Horsham Parish Council to produce the Horsham Town Design Statement which has been adopted by the District Council as a Supplementary Planning Document. Developers and home owners planning to make changes to their property are advised to consult the Statement which is available from the link below.
The Society has been pressing the District Council for some years to establish an independent Design Panel of experts who would be available to give it advice on planning proposals and promote high standards of design.

The Manor - a pleasing blend of old and new that sits comfortably between the historic Causeway and the modern Forum

Horsham Town Design Statement

To learn how we helped formulate the Design Statement, see:
A Design Statement for Horsham