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 Articles from the West Sussex County Times

The articles in this section, written by Executive Committee members, have been published in the West Sussex County Times since February 2008
28 Dec 17 We are a voice to be heard Malcolm Willis
14 Dec 17 Are our listed buildings safe? John Steele
30 Nov 17 Widen the scope of Horsham's vision Oliver Farley
16 Nov 17 Horsham Park - the Jewel in our Crown Malcolm Willis
02 Nov 17 Protecting wildlife on developments David Griffiths
19 Oct 17 Town 'vision' is a missed opportunity John Steele
05 Oct 17 Have your say before it is too late Malcolm Willis
21 Sep 17 West Sussex - a land of 70 tongues David Griffiths
07 Sep 17 Cost and payback of sustainability David Griffiths
24 Aug 17 Please look after your trees and hedges Julie Dumbrell
10 Aug 17 Please think before you park Malcolm Willis
27 Jul 17 Blueprint can influence future direction Ron Bates
13 Jul 17 Come walk with us for fascinating tour Oliver Farley
29 Jun 17 Horsham's secret waterway Oliver Farley
15 Jun 17 Town centre plan lacks vision John Steele
01 Jun 17 A word about the latest things Oliver Farley
18 May 17 We must retain control of development Ron Bates
04 May 17 Development will drive more congestion Ron Bates
20 Apr 17 Unresolved concerns over North Horsham Malcolm Willis
06 Apr 17 If you want a job doing properly ... Nigel Friswell
23 Mar 17 The many rewards of volunteering Nigel Friswell
09 Mar 17 Horsham deserves high quality design Philip Ayerst
23 Feb 17 Who can make our good town better? Malcolm Willis
09 Feb 17 Pleasing design of red, white and A to B Oliver Farley
26 Jan 17 Look up for much of great interest Oliver Farley
12 Jan 17 Managing change takes care Michael Hall
22 Dec 16 Investing in Horsham's future John Steele
08 Dec 16 Public must engage with developers Nigel Friswell
24 Nov 16 An acre of seats in a palace of dreams Oliver Farley
10 Nov 16 Chance for something new and excitings John Steele
17 Oct 16 Bold project helped rate of recycling Nigel Friswell
13 Oct 16 Affordable homes should be delivered David Griffiths
29 Sep 16 Illogical system will lead to tip troubles John Steele
15 Sep 16 A summer of Welcome Walks Ron Bates
01 Sep 16 North Horsham must be planned properly Nigel Friswell
18 Aug 16 Nellie Laughton's dream lives on Nigel Friswell
04 Aug 16 Why don't we insist on better buildings John Steele
21 Jul 16 Celebrate warm-hearted community Oliver Farley
07 Jul 16 Stylish solution for fountain site John Steele
23 Jun 16 Good news for a thriving town Nigel Friswell
09 Jun 16 Are our much-loved twittens at risk? John Steele
26 May 16 A new, a different, Rising Universe Oliver Farley
12 May 16 Wonder and glory of our open spaces Ron Bates
28 Apr 16 Town on the brink of transformation John Steele
14 Apr 16 Novel living style in the modern age Oliver Farley
31 Mar 16 Thriving future in the new age Oliver Farley
17 Mar 16 Society launches free guided walks John Steele
03 Mar 16 Time to improve this sorry route Oliver Farley
18 Feb 16 We must insist on building quality in Horsham developments Ron Bates
04 Feb 16 Horsham's 'vision' must be subject to full consultation Nigel Friswell
21 Jan 16 Show civic pride by supporting arts in our splendid venues John Steele
07 Jan 16 Challenges old and new for the year ahead John Steele
17 Dec 15 The value of perfect passages and tidy twittens Oliver Farley
03 Dec 15 Protecting our trees and green spaces John Steele
19 Nov 15 Historic solutions to problems of modern living Oliver Farley
05 Nov 15 A Neighbourhood Plan for Horsham Ron Bates
22 Oct 15 One rule for all with town centre street furniture John Steele
08 Oct 15 What is good architectural design? Oliver Farley
24 Sep 15 North Horsham development - transport Ron Bates
10 Sep 15 Can Horsham still claim to be a market town? John Steele
27 Aug 15 Horsham's West Street is looking shoddy and sad John Steele
13 Aug 15 The importance of taking pride in Horsham John Steele
30 Jul 15 Vote for change and govern Horsham better Nigel Friswell
16 Jul 15 Encouraging a greater sense of civic pride John Steele
02 Jul 15 Town centre parking crisis must be averted John Steele
18 Jun 15 What use is the Town Plan if ignored? John Steele
04 Jun 15 John Lewis brings fresh opportunities and challenges John Steele
23 May 15 Think 'Garden City' in the designs for North Horsham Nigel Friswell
07 May 15 Ghettoisation and affordable housing John Steele
23 Apr 15 Oh what a tangled web we are weaving David Moore
26 Mar 15 As Private Fraser would say, 'We're doomed ...' David Moore
12 Mar 15 How do we protect green spaces?  Use the NPPF! David Moore
26 Feb 15 Is the HDPF in conflict with planning policy? David Moore
12 Feb 15 Strategic gaps - do they really stll exist? David Moore
29 Jan 15 Where do we go next?  Let's have some consistency David Moore
15 Jan 15 Wading through infrastructure inadequacies David Moore
01 Jan 15 It just gets worse - the consequences of a flawed plan David Moore
18 Dec 14 Challenging year ahead for the Horsham area David Moore
04 Dec 14 The perils of the consultation process John Steele
20 Nov 14 Keeping taxes low is only one side of the coin John Steele
06 Nov 14 A time for change - but will we get it right? David Moore
23 Oct 14 Proceed with caution and protect town centre first David Moore
09 Oct 14 Game in which lip service is paid to quality of life David Moore
25 Sep 14 Why it's time to stand up for good quality design John Steele
11 Sep 14 Council has duty of care to plan for health needs David Moore
28 Aug 14 Base our Local Plan on fact, not fiction David Moore
14 Aug 14 We must get changes to the Bishopric area right David Moore
31 Jul 14 What happens if the fracking process goes wrong? David Moore
17 Jul 14 Release missing information before the inquiry David Moore
03 Jul 14 Council should explain more - remember, 'we wunt be druv' John Steele
19 Jun 14 Subsidy for greenfield destruction is beyond belief David Moore
05 Jun 14 Developer-led free for all is actually council policy John Steele
22 May 14 Can anything go wrong?  Of course it can! David Moore
08 May 14 Is this the end of the trail?  No it's not! David Moore
24 Apr 14 It's not too late to take a step back John Steele
10 Apr 14 Residents deserve better from their elected members John Steele
27 Mar 14 Is leisure just a smokescreen for other vital issues? John Steele
13 Mar 14 Grasp the opportunity to ensure a sensible plan David Moore
27 Feb 14 Not too late to talk, but council must have open mind John Steele
13 Feb 14 Are these new railway stations a reality or fantasy? David Moore
30 Jan 14 New town concept is the sensible way forward David Moore
14 Jan 14 Should we support or object to a second runway? David Moore
19 Dec 13 Proper story with a begining, middle and an end? David Moore
05 Dec 13 Don't let's lose the Capitol for a second time David Moore
21 Nov 13 New West End Story - musical or development? David Moore
07 Nov 13 Please answer the fracking questions David Moore
24 Oct 13 Where do we go after West Street renovation? David Moore
10 Oct 13 Silence, failings and secrecy at Horsham council John Steele
26 Sep 13 Why no public meeting to explain HDC strategy? David Moore
12 Sep 13 Let's see courage from our elected representatives John Steele
29 Aug 13 Horsham Society is not negative, just watchful John Steele
15 Aug 13 Is strategy a consultation or a fait accompli? David Moore
01 Aug 13 To frack or not to frack? An interesting question! David Moore
18 Jul 13 Will Horsham's tomorrow be a success or a failure? David Moore
04 Jul 13 Nimbyism and secrecy - a recipe for bad planning John Steele
20 Jun 13 Waitrose plan is not good news for the town John Steele
06 Jun 13 Is health and safety a world of make-believe? David Moore
23 May 13 The usual emotive claptrap from a minister David Moore
09 May 13 It's a myth that house build will kick-start economy David Moore
25 Apr 13 It's all about dumping housing, not a hospital John Steele
11 Apr 13 Invasive and dangerous threat to Horsham Park David Moore
28 Mar 13 Short term thinking will not solve the long term issue John Steele
14 Mar 13 The council must be guided by its own policies John Steele
28 Feb 13 What makes Horsham attractive to shoppers? David Moore
14 Feb 13 'Green lungs' need protection from developers David Moore
31 Jan 13 Our streets are certainly not paved with gold! David Moore
17 Jan 13 Is this really part of the Horsham Experience? David Moore
03 Jan 13 What's so difficult about making a real decision? David Moore
20 Dec 12 Will our council rise to the planning challenge John Steele
06 Dec 12 Protecting our green spaces against development John Steele
22 Nov 12 Let's all sing our praises from the same song sheet David Moore
08 Nov 12 Despair at totally illogical approach to building David Moore
25 Oct 12 Keeping up appearances takes a bit of thought David Moore
11 Oct 12 New pressure on our crumbling infrastructure David Moore
27 Sep 12 Why we must say no to 4,500 new homes John Steele
13 Sep 12 Worth keeping wary eye on station scuplture idea David Moore
30 Aug 12 Future prosperity depends on protecting heritage John Steele
16 Aug 12 Using gateway into town is a dismal experience David Moore
02 Aug 12 Localism - will it be an expensive damp squib? David Moore
19 Jul 12 Challenge of creating a new beginning for Park House John Steele
05 Jul 12 Why can't we get our crumbling roads fixed? David Moore
21 Jun 12 HDC cannot be trusted to decide quadrant's future John Steele
21 Jun 12 Water - too much, too little but never enough? David Moore
07 Jun 12 Without a planned approach, chaos would reign David Moore
24 May 12 Is Horsham the jam in the regional planning sandwich? John Steele
10 May 12 Fundamental flaw in plan to replace leisure centre David Moore
26 Apr 12 Where is the housing that local people can afford? David Moore
12 Apr 12 Good news for responsible way ahead on planning John Steele
29 Mar 12 What do visitors really think when they tour Horsham? David Moore
15 Mar 12 Lots more houses but where's our water and new hospital? David Moore
01 Mar 12 Long running sagas that simply need to be resolved John Steele
16 Feb 12 Bold step is needed to cope with housing demands David Moore
02 Feb 12 Council is facing a perfect storm of discontent John Steele
19 Jan 12 Muggeridge Field - the threat is lifted for the time being David Moore
05 Jan 12 What happened in 2011 and what's in store for us in 2012 David Moore
22 Dec 11 Reinventing the High Street in a changing world John Steele
08 Dec 11 We need to plan to meet the demands of tomorrow David Moore
24 Nov 11 What would Noah have said about Horsham's rain? David Moore
10 Nov 11 Why Horsham's car parking strategy isn't credible John Steele
27 Oct 11 Can we really call Horsham a market town today? David Moore
13 Oct 11 What price localism when county council ignores concerns? John Steele
29 Sep 11 Why should we sacrifice our green spaces unnecessarily? David Moore
15 Sep 11 Planning for the future or planning for chaos? David Moore
01 Sep 11 Discouraging to see the mess in parts of town centre David Moore
18 Aug 11 This is no time for heads in the sand over  housing John Steele
04 Aug 11 Chesworth Farm - time to get Friends up and running! David Moore
21 Jul 11 A useful glimpse of how others see our town centre David Moore
07 Jun 11 The arts are alive and well, but their potential is huge John Steele
23 Jun 11 Don't get the hump when crossing the road David Moore
09 Jun 11 East Street - has the work been a waste of money? David Moore
26 May 11 A busy agenda lies ahead for the new district council John Steele
12 May 11 Friends of Chesworth Farm - where do we go next? David Moore
28 Apr 11 Water - is it quite such a boring subject of discussion? David Moore
14 Apr 11 Cycling is a three-sided coin and we need to work together David Moore
31 Mar 11 At last, a possible vision for the future of our town John Steele
17 Mar 11 Chesworth Farm - hidden jewel under threat? David Moore
03 Mar 11 East Street is the town's future and must be made to work John Steele
17 Feb 11 Housing in Horsham - the quiet before the storm? David Moore
03 Feb 11 A pedestrian's view of Horsham - a walk on the wild side? David Moore
20 Jan 11 Affordable housing - what can we really afford? David Moore
06 Jan 11 Whatever happened in 2010? Quo vadis in 2011? David Moore
23 Dec 10 Is the hope of a new hospital worth the mega town price? John Steele
09 Dec 10 First impressions of our town are lasting impressions David Moore
25 Nov 10 East Street - Horsham's pedestrian-unfriendly Quarter David Moore
11 Nov 10 Why won't they tell us what is happening with the Swans? David Moore
28 Oct 10 Too many 'improvements' - stop meddling with our park! John Steele
14 Oct 10 Men at work never stopped women shopping David Moore
30 Sep 10 What sort of town do we want for tomorrow? David Moore
16 Sep 10 Summer in Horsham: broken fountain, work in Forum David Moore
02 Sep 10 Housing expansion - where will the water come from? David Moore
19 Aug 10 Unparished area: Horsham's West Lothian question John Steele
05 Aug 10 Difficult decisions ahead over targets for new housing John Steele
22 Jul 10 To build the future we must understand our past David Moore
08 Jul 10 What's the most appropriate welcome signage? John Steele
24 Jun 10 Time to sort out the Forum David Moore
11 Jun 10 Taming the A-boards John Steele
28 May 10 Pub names take on a life of their own Nigel Friswell
14 May 10 Your voice in helping create the Horsham of tomorrow Ian Dockreay
30 Apr 10 We can ensure that town trade flourishes John Steele
16 Apr 10 What do we want from planners - balance or quality? Oliver Palmer
02 Apr 10 Council must stand fast for longterm community benefit Nigel Friswell
19 Mar 10 Horsham council refuses to protect its green spaces John Steele
05 Mar 10 Pressure to develop more new homes will not go away John Steele
19 Feb 10 Local representatives should determine local taxes John Steele
05 Feb 10 Council must welcome assistance Nigel Friswell
22 Jan 10 Contingency plans would help us prepare for the worst John Steele
08 Jan 10 Shortage of funding needn't put the future on hold John Steele
25 Dec 09 Happy Christmas in a pleasant place to live and work Nigel Friswell
11 Dec 09 Listing Horsham's character Nigel Friswell
27 Nov 09 Cyclists: are they going in the right direction? Nigel Friswell
13 Nov 09 A swift resolution by the council is now needed John Steele
30 Oct 09 Savings don't have to mean service cuts John Steele
16 Oct 09 New settlement could be best answer Nigel Friswell
02 Oct 09 Dialogue with local authority chiefs Nigel Friswell
18 Sep 09 Spectre of Crawsham can be avoided John Steele
04 Sep 09 Planning for a brave new world? Nigel Friswell
21 Aug 09 Housing targets and affordable homes Roy Bayliss
07 Aug 09 Consultation and the Rising Universe John Steele
24 Jul 09 What price our conservation areas? Nigel Friswell
10 Jul 09 New developments and the street scene Nigel Friswell
26 Jun 09 We are drawing up our own local list John Steele
12 Jun 09 Building a new consensus in Horsham John Steele
29 May 09 Balancing reactions with informed opinion Oliver Palmer
15 May 09 It's time for a new town to be created John Steele
01 May 09 Horsham needs its own local list Nigel Friswell
17 Apr 09 Not all visitors here are made welcome Nigel Friswell
03 Apr 09 Keeping up appearances in a recession John Steele
20 Mar 09 What future for Victorian street scene? John Steele
06 Mar 09 Shabby and bullying approach to town John Steele
20 Feb 09 Is it crunch time over new housing? Nigel Friswell
06 Feb 09 Why is the Golden Ratio so satisfying? Oliver Palmer
23 Jan 09 Aviva - new name, same old story John Steele
09 Jan 09 Knowing the price of everything ... John Steele
26 Dec 08 Some success, much unfinished business John Steele
12 Dec 08 Councils should register greens - now John Steele
28 Nov 08 Seize the moment: invest in the future John Steele
14 Nov 08 Swans sculpture: let there be water! Nigel Friswell
31 Oct 08 Design is only a matter of opinion Oliver Palmer
17 Oct 08 Thirteen blooming years in Horsham John Steele
03 Oct 08 Local panel can build design heritage Nigel Friswell
19 Sep 08 Quality concern over affordable homes Oliver Palmer
05 Sep 08 The little things that make a difference John Steele
22 Aug 08 Summer, and all's well with the world John Steele
08 Aug 08 The law of unintended consequences John Steele
25 Jul 08 Iconic swans and an ugly duckling John Steele
11 Jul 08 Time to re-open the debate on housing John Steele
27 Jun 08 We must protect our strategic gaps John Steele
06 Jun 08 Horsham vision needs a guiding hand John Steele
23 May 08 Negative image is unfair to Nimbys Oliver Palmer
09 May 08 Modern solutions to old problems Oliver Palmer
25 Apr 08 Civic leaders need a long term vision John Steele
11 Apr 08 Focus on the legacy of developments John Steele
28 Mar 08 Green awareness includes town trees John Steele
14 Mar 08 Town must gear up for cycle increase John Steele
29 Feb 08 Time to wake up to threat to our town John Steele