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December 2009 

What's happened to the website?

When we launched this website, in December 2004, it was a modest enterprise aimed mainly at non-members who might be curious to know what the Horsham Society was all about.  Nearly five years later it had grown to well over 500 pages, and keeping it all up to date was becoming a bit of a challenge. We thought it was time for a spring clean.

We don't think we've been totally ruthless, but one casualty was the What's On page: we'll continue to publish details of forthcoming events, but they'll be listed individually and linked from the What's New section of the front page.  The Gallery has gone as well.

Apart from that, things are pretty much as they were.  Local Issues is now Current Issues (all our issues are local) and those issues that have been resolved, such as the Swans, have been summarised and moved to our new Archive section.  The Archive isn't self-contained - newer pages will often link back to archive pages for context reference - but all archived pages have been given a watermark to distinguish them from up to date news.

Our Members Only section will continue to expand, with the Newsletter published monthly as well as minutes of the Executive Committee and Planning Sub-committee.  Non-members will still be able to read back issues of the Newsletter, and our Horsham Past section will remain.

We've resisted the temptation to change the look of the website, but have taken this opportunity to replace some text characters that don't display correctly in some of the newer browsers.