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December 2009 

Proposals for a local list of buildings and five additional conservation areas

The growth of population planned for the Horsham area will inevitably increase pressure for more physical change to the existing fabric of the town.  We nave already seen inappropriate schemes, and large Victorian houses with big gardens are particularly under threat.  It is therefore crucial to identify what is of value in the present townscape and do all that we can to avoid unnecessary demolition or unsympathetic development.

Whilst there are many buildings in Horsham that are already protected by inclusion on the statutory list drawn up to English Heritage, none are more recent than Georgian, and our Victorian and early 20th Century urban heritage is largely unprotected.

The Horsham Society is proposing a two-pronged solution.  The first is the creation of a Local List, starting with 34 individual buildings which are exemplars of their period.  Many local authorities have had non-statutory local lists incorporated into their development plans for many years.

The second is the designation of five new conservation areas.  District Councils have powers to designate as a conservation area any area of special architectural or historic interest whose local character or appearance is worth protecting or enhancing.  There are already three conservation areas in Horsham town, and 37 in the District as a whole; the proposed new areas cover:

  • part of Warnham Road

  • the Railway Station and parts of  Hurst Road & North Street
  • Burford Road & Oakhill Road
  • Barttelot Road
  • parts of Brighton Road & St Leonard's Road

"This is a most exciting initiative which we believe will win wide support at a time when our urban heritage is coming under even greater threat from developers.  Apart from its medieval core, Horsham town dentre is largely Victorian with many fine examples of urban street scenes that ought to be given greater protection."

Nigel Friswell, Chairman, Horsham Society

For more information, maps & photographs, download the proposal document here - but please note, members will be receiving a copy with the January newsletter