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Oct 2015 Horsham District Planning Framework
May 2015 District Council Elections 2015
Aug 2014 Gatwick flight paths
Aug 2014 Kings Head Hotel
Jan 2013 The Town Hall
Feb 2012 Muggeridge Field
Oct 2011

Draft National Planning Policy Framework

Nov 2009

Local Development Framework

Oct 2008

The Swans: Aviva - new name, same old story

Oct 2008

Horsham Business Incentive Scheme

Dec 2008

A Design Statement for Horsham

Feb 2008

Kings Head compulsory purchase?

Feb 2008

Town Hall: HS Chairman's letter to Leader of HDC

Feb 2008

Hammerpond Rd: no speed limit

Oct 2007

NHS Primary Care Trust meeting

Oct 2007

The Swans: Chairman's second letter to WSCT

Oct 2007

The Swans: Chairman's first letter to WSCT

Apr 2007

Jenny Barelegs field, Chesworth

Feb 2007

Concern over Horsham Park plans

Oct 2006

Wind turbines for Horsham?

Sep 2006

Areas of Special Character

Jul 2006

Town Hall: HS Chairman's letter to WSCT

Jul 2006

Town Hall: HS Chairman's speech at Council Cabinet meeting

Nov 2005

Closure of Bishopric toilets

Aug 2005

Gatwick Debate - report

Jul 2005

50th Anniversary Party

Nov 2004

Homestream Bridge reopens